Rental Policy


* Rider safety is the highest concern. Lessee should understand that adult supervision is necessary at all times during the rental.

* Do not use the inflatable in any inclement weather, i.e. rain, lightning, snow, hale, etc. If sustained winds exceeding 15 miles per hour or greater occur, then remove all riders and deflate. When conditions permit, re-inflate only if the wind condition has ceased. Once re-inflated, make sure to thoroughly dry with towels to prevent injuries. When in doubt, please call us immediately.

* The location/placement of the inflatable must be flat and clear of rocks, branches, animal waste or any other debris to ensure the health and safety of the riders. A minimum of 10-foot overhead clearance is needed, as well as a 5ft or more perimeter clearance around the unit. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the desired location clean and debris free prior to set up.

* If the unit loses power during operation and begins to deflate, Funtime Inflatables uses the “Watchdog” siren on all units, which will sound a loud siren to warn you. The adult supervisor should immediately assist riders with exiting the inflatable. Once all riders are safely removed, then a check for the cause of the power failure can be conducted. In the event that power is not restored, Funtime Inflatables is not obligated to refund the rental amount.

* Customer is responsible for providing power to operate the blower(s). A grounded 3-prong outlet (preferably a GCFI) must be used and should be no more than 100ft away.

* Funtime Inflatables will always clean and disinfect all of our Inflatables before delivery. When the unit is picked up it will be inspected to ensure it is in the similar condition as it was left. Any evidence of misuse including but not limited to: new tears, food, animal waste, human waste, excessive mud, or anything else deemed as needing repairs or excessive clean up is subject to a inconvenience fee in the amount of an additional 25% of the rental price.


* If it is determined by Funtime Inflatables that cancellations are necessary due to inclement weather, your deposit will be refunded in full. The deposit shall be forfeited if the customer cancels within 15 days of the scheduled event. No refunds will be given once the inflatable is delivered and accepted by the customer. If excessive rain or inclement weather occurs immediately after delivery, Funtime Inflatables reserves the right to determine if a refund of any portion of the rental amount will be granted.

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